Termos e Condições Gerais

Termos e Condições Gerais 

a. The lessee acknowledges and accepts that he received the vehicle, object of this contract, in perfect conditions of use and that it has no apparent deficiencies and 1. VEHICLE DELIVERY AND RETURN
undertakes to return it to the Lessor, together with all documents and accessories, in the same conditions it was delivered to you, on the date and places agreed in the contract.

B. The Lessor has 48 hours after delivering the vehicle and after washing it to detect any damage that was not detected upon delivery. The Lessee hereby authorizes the Lessor to charge any and all additional expenses resulting from damage or other situations that have not been detected upon delivery of the vehicle.

c. The Lessor reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time, without prior notice and at the Lessee's expense, whenever the vehicle is used in violation of the provisions of this contract, in which case it will be automatically terminated.

d. Fuel is always at the expense of the Customer, who must also take all the necessary protection measures to keep the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was delivered, namely, must carry out regular inspections of the condition of the vehicle regarding oil, water and tire pressure.

e. The Hirer is obliged to pay for the days they hired.


a. The normal mechanical maintenance resulting from normal use is the responsibility of Azorescar. All occasional repairs due to the Client's negligence, or even due to an accidental cause, will be borne by the Client and carried out by Azorescar or by whomever the latter indicates.

B. If the Customer becomes aware of the existence of any technical problem with the vehicle, he must immobilize it and contact Azorescar immediately.

c. Azorescar is not responsible for loss of time suffered by accident or breakdown that may delay or interrupt the Customer's holiday or trip.

d. Fuel is always at the expense of the Customer, who must also take all the necessary protection measures to keep the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was delivered, namely, must carry out regular inspections of the condition of the vehicle regarding oil, water and tire pressure.

e. The vehicle is delivered filled with fuel and must also be returned filled with fuel. If the Customer does not observe this condition, an amount fixed in accordance with the principle of proportionality will be charged, which does not exceed the average cost for refueling vehicles, the average being calculated based on the costs relating to the allocation of human resources and the movement of the vehicle for supplies.

f. For all advertised rates, the fuel policy is to return the vehicle in the same amount as it was delivered.g. In case of introduction of fuel of a different type to that used by the vehicle, the Customer is responsible for the expenses inherent to the complete replacement of the fuel, disassembly and washing of the tank, engine tuning and other damages caused to the vehicle, without opposition to their amounts.


a.The rental and deposit prices are determined by the rates in force and paid in full in advance. Only after payment of the reservation amount is it considered confirmed. The deposit cannot be used to extend the rental. In case the customer wishes to stay with the vehicle beyond the initially agreed period and in order to avoid disputes, the customer undertakes to obtain an agreement with Azorescar in advance and immediately pay the amount of the extension of the contract.

B. In case of early return of the vehicle, no refund of the amount paid for the reservation is made, as the company Azorescar has a non-refundable tariff system.

c. The customer waives the need to sign the TPA receipts (payment terminals) if it is necessary to charge for any infraction or visible damage after returning the vehicle.


a. The rental price includes Civil Liability Insurance of €50,000,000.
The customer is responsible for all damage caused, or losses that he may suffer in the vehicle, as well as the days of immobilization according to the category of the rented vehicle.

b. In the event of an accident due to the fault of the driver of our vehicle, taking into account Portuguese law, insurance companies decline any and all responsibility to the driver as well as any damage caused to the rented vehicle or to third parties, whenever it is detected that the driver driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, other drugs or toxic products or dementia, as well as using the vehicle for sporting events, competitions, races, betting, etc.

c. Azorescar has a maximum deposit of €5000, and a minimum deposit of €400, with an extra €10 being charged to the customer for each day of the rental.

d. After returning the vehicle, and if it is verified that everything is fine with the vehicle, the deposit is refunded, taking about 15 to 30 working days to return to the customer's bank account.

e. Extra Insurance protects against collision damage to the vehicle, except tire damage, glass damage, loss of documents and keys. The insurance limits the possible amount for which the driver is responsible in the event of an accident to a fixed amount (deductible), which will be chosen by the renter, if he wishes to add it.

f. The rental day is considered for each period of 24 hours.

g. Azorescar has a non-refundable rate system, and after payment for the reservation and if you cancel it, you automatically lose 100% of the amount paid.


a. In case of loss of vehicle documents, the customer will have to pay €150 for their new issue.


a. If the vehicle is delivered in need of cleaning, this will be charged as an extra cleaning in the amount of €90.


a.The Customer consents and accepts the collection and processing of their personal data by Azorescar or by a competent entity for this purpose, in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data (Law 67/98, of 26 October), under the terms set out below.

B. The Customer's data collected under the terms of the Contract, processed by Azorescar, are essential to the contractual relationship between both parties; its omission or inaccuracy is the sole and entire responsibility of the Customer.

c. The Customer's personal data will be processed and stored by computer, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, and are intended to be used by Azorescar, within the scope of the contractual relationship with the Customer.

d. Under the terms of the applicable legislation, the Customer is guaranteed, free of charge, the right to access, rectify and update their personal data, directly or upon written request to Avenida D. João III, nr. 44 r-c, C.P. 9500-789 Ponta Delgada.



In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity: CNIACC — National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts-http://www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org/Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa — Campus de Campolide 1099-032 Lisboa — Telephone: 213847494— E-mail: cniacc@fd.unl.pt More information at the Consumer Portal www.consumidor.pt

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